Best RPG Of 2013 – Pokemon X & Y


As the first fully-fledged Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon X/Y brought the youthful monster-battling simulator to new dimensions. With the largest roster of any Pokemon RPG, there was no doubt that your favorite pokemon was properly represented.

Even from the moment I hit the Start button, Pokemon X/Y brought back nostalgic feelings from the days I used to play Pokemon Blue as a child. I was setting forth on a game that I had no idea just how big the world was or how many of those mystical beasts were around to catch. With a Squirtle at my side, I slowly worked my way up to and through the Elite Four. Now flash forward fifteen years to the day I picked up a copy of X at the local game store. Not only did I find out about the hundreds of newer pokemon that I have missed out during my years apart from the franchise, but I was able to pick out my very own Squirtle from the games’ mentor professor. It was from this moment that I truly began to understand about just how greatly Nintendo was able to branch forth both the original generation of Pokemon from years back and mesh it together beautifully with the new works of the 3DS.

Pokemon X/Y has no shortage of content, either. More than just battling and trading Pokemon on a global scale, there are a plethora of side quests and mini projects to undertake. From the gamer that just wants to collect as many Pokemon as possible to the statistician that can analyze Shiny-drop rates or min/maxing IV/EV values, there’s something about Pokemon X/Y that can appeal to every type of gamer.

As no big surprise to anyone, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are an absolute blast to play. The mainline Pokemon games have always been nothing but quality, and the latest two entries in the franchise continue that tradition. The transition to 3D models is one that longtime fans have been dreaming of for years and it did not disappoint. – Dean James, Reviews Editor

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    December 15, 2013, 8:24 AM

    best rpg of 2013

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    November 12, 2014, 8:50 AM

    super game dude

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