PlayStation 4 will feature up to eight people party chat

PlayStation 4

In what seems like the way we are getting a lot of PlayStation 4 news lately, once again a Sony employee took to the comments section of the official PlayStation blog to answer a question about an element of the upcoming PlayStation. This time it deals with the number of players able to do party chat on the next generation console.

While the blog itself was a question and answer with the director of Killzone: Shadow Fall, the person that posted the blog, Social Media Manager Sid Shuman, began to answer questions in the comments that were asked. Someone asked how many players would be able to participate in party chat on the PlayStation 4 across one game or multiple games, and Shuman answered that you would be able to have up to eight in one party chat session.

This is not a huge surprise as PlayStation Vita allows for the same number of players in a party chat, and Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida recently said that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita would have party chat between the two systems.

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