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Good: Intuitive controls, Aesthetically pleasing, Simplistic, enjoyable gameplay
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ArmA Tactics is a turn-based strategy game made by Bohemia Interactive, and is similar to the likes of Jagged Alliance and Hammer and Sickle. ArmA Tactics is playable on touch screen devices such as Android phones as well as the PC with full controller support. Players are given control of up to 4 squad members to execute missions set in vast, detailed environments. This is a slightly different direction for Bohemia Interactive who is more known for its realistic, military simulation shooters ArmA 2 and 3.

Is ArmA Tactics a roaring success or have Bohemia dipped its toe in the wrong pool? Find out in the HOTS and NOTS of this game review.


Intuitive controls
The main thing about this game is it’s functionality with touch screen devices and controller support. I however played the game with the keyboard and mouse so please bear that in mind when reading this review. There are two words that perfectly describe the controls, simplistic and practical. Players can easily move the camera to desired areas and the game will highlight key areas for you (eg. Enemy targets). Character controls are also quite intuitive and easy to pick up; moving a character only requires a simple highlighting of the desired character, and then either dragging towards the requested location or double clicking. Similarly for engaging targets, players highlight the character that is able to shoot and can either click the target and select the action, or there are icons at the top of the screen that informs the player of possible targets to engage. Other possible actions can be accessed simply by click the character such as reloading or throwing objects, such as grenades.

Aesthetically pleasing
For a game that is able to run on touch screen devices, the game itself is quite impressively detailed. Bohemia has gone for a cartoony arcade style of graphics that is well executed. The character models are simplistically textured and nicely modeled, with smooth, satisfying looking animations while enemy models also look very devious and malicious with nicely modeled weapons and clothing that blend well into the game. The levels are attractively detailed with war-torn, rugged looking buildings and streets and run down military bases that enhance the atmosphere of the game.


Simplistic, enjoyable gameplay
The gameplay itself is rather simplistic as there are not hundreds of actions you can perform, which is advantageous for players on touchscreen devices. Bohemia has been notorious for games such as ArmA 2, for having every key on your keyboard assigned to an action within the game. ArmA Tactics is a nice deviation from that direction with minimal controls. The game consists of moving characters from cover to cover, engaging enemy hostiles, occasionally throwing a grenade, melee killing a target or applying first aid to a friendly character; the game comes with two full campaigns that have a reasonable storylines, as well as a mission creator that allows you to make your own missions on levels you have completed in the campaigns. When completing missions, players are rewarded with cash and experience that can be spent on improving particular skills of characters, and buying badass weapons and equipment in the armory. This all helps the game be thoroughly enjoyable to play, be it for 10 minutes or 2 hours.

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ArmA Tactics (PC) Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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