Wii Street U receives new update to use Wii Balance Board

Wii Street U receives new update to use Wii Balance Board

Wii Street U

Earlier this year, Nintendo launched a service for the Nintendo Wii U known as Wii Street U. This service is essentially Google Street View on your Wii U console. Over the time since its release, Wii Street U has received multiple updates, and another was announced as being available on the unexpected Wii Fit U focused Nintendo Direct.

The latest update adds in a completely different element by allowing users to utilize their Wii Balance Board, most used for the Wii Fit titles on the Nintendo Wii. The new feature allows you to get on your Balance Board and walk in place to actually simulate walking on Google Street View. You will move forward whenever you take a step. You can also shift your body weight to the side to change directions and then continue to move forward in that direction.

This is a very neat feature to add that is unlike anything else you can do with Google Street View. Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata says that this “helps to immerse you in the scene more than ever.”

This new addition will be available the next time you start up Wii Street U. If you have not downloaded Wii Street U yet, make sure to do so soon as it will only be free through October 31. Footage of this feature can be seen starting at the 16:08 mark in the Nintendo Direct below:

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