Tales of Xillia Guide – End Game (Sub-Events)

The Golden Mage Knight

Tales of Xillia - End Game - Mage Knight

When to do it: After getting the “Golden Key” for finishing the game. Also requires that you finish the Devil’s Beast sub-event.
Reward for Completion: ?
How to Trigger: Go to Fezebel Marsh (refer to the screenshot above).
Objective: Head Deeper into Magnus Zero

When you go deep down the Magnus Zero, you will face the Golden Mage Knight. Make sure you are fully prepared as the fight will get tougher. Every time you take down the Golden Mage Knight, he will multiply himself. Recommended level is MAX. (We’ll update this when we beat the boss)


The Lost Transcendental Ring

Tales of Xillia - Xailen

When to do it: After you collected all 23 Mysterious Jewels.
Reward for Completion: An Arte for Jude and a Key Item (?)
How to Trigger: Go inside the Xailen Wood Temple and offer the 23 Jewels to the altar (refer to the screenshot above).
Objective: Collect 23 Jewels and fight the bosses. Make sure your part is at least at level 70

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