Saints Row 4 Guide – Cheat Codes List

Unlock its full potential

Saints Row 4 Guide - Cheat Codes

Today marks the release of the much anticipated Saints Row 4. One thing to look forward to in-game is to wreak havoc, most of which can be enhanced by entering cheat codes that unlock the game’s full potential.

While not everyone likes using cheats, those who want to take a quick break from the main story or challenges often enter all sorts of codes to do some crazy stuff, like driving around Steelport without taking any vehicular damage. Similar to past Saints Row title, there are a plethora of cheats that can be entered and if you are among those gamers who want to try one (or more) out, simply enter any of the following codes:

Note: When you enable a cheat, please note that your achievements/trophies will be disabled temporarily.


Saints Row 4 Guide - Cheat Codes

To enter a cheat code, [PAUSE] the game and select the [EXTRAS] option, then choose the [CHEATS] section. Find any cheat that appeals to you from the list and select [ADD CHEATS]. Type the cheat code correctly and you will unlock it. A sound will play if you entered the cheat code correctly.


All Unlockables unlockitall
Give Cash ($100,000) cheese
Weapons letsrock
Vehicle No Damage vroom
Repair current vehicle repaircar
Clear Notoriety goodygoody
Disable Warden Spawns nowardens
Instant Warden Notoriety instantwarden
Unlock Blast superblast
Unlock Buff superbuff
Unlock Death From Above superdfa
Unlock Stomp superstomp
Unlock Super Sprint runfast
Unlock Telekinesis supertk
Disable Super Movement nosupermove
Disable Super Powers nosuperpowers


Spawn Alien Hover Tank givehovertank
Spawn Alien Hover Car givehovercar
Spawn Alien Jet Bike givetrouble
Spawn Alien UFO giveufo
Spawn Pony Cart givepony
ASCII mode ascii
Big Head mode bigheadmode
Disable Glitch FX noglitchcity
Evil cars evilcars
Fast Forward fastforward
Heaven Bound (corpses rise into the air) fryhole
Insane city insanecity
Mascots (mascot pedestrians) mascot
Pimps and Hos (pimps and prostitutes pedestrians) hohoho
Vehicle Smash (smash vehicles easily) isquishyou

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  1. ButThat'swrong
    August 21, 2013, 10:59 PM

    Most of those cheats don’t work. Most of them that don’t work are because they are cheats that were in SR3. SR3 cheats do not work in SR4.

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  2. Raptor Jesus
    August 22, 2013, 1:33 AM

    But really, the other poster is right. I just beat the game and feel like goof off now, but only about 20% of the codes here are actually for SR4 and work, the rest do Not. No, it isn’t because I spelled the code wrong or put a space, I’ve tried repeatedly on some and it’s just not going to work. Also, I really wish they would have a cheat that disables the load times for super powers. Got my hopes up that I only got to shoot fireballs out the ass in a 10 minute long level.. But please, work on these codes, give us working ones. Last thing I need is to get bored of it already when there’s still a little less than a month until GTA5 comes out. >_>

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  3. Mark Fajardo
    August 22, 2013, 1:53 AM

    Thanks for letting me know! I’ve removed the codes that doesn’t work. What you see now are confirmed codes. We’ll add more as soon as we get them.

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  4. Donald
    September 9, 2013, 8:10 AM


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  5. Donald
    September 9, 2013, 8:12 AM

    i want grand theft auto 5 to.

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  6. Donald
    September 9, 2013, 8:13 AM

    how do you shoot fireballs out of your but

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  7. rayan zare
    September 21, 2013, 9:18 AM

    I want ailean meny

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  8. rayan zare
    September 21, 2013, 9:19 AM

    I want ailen maney

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