New KSP Astronaut Complex Backdrop Preview

Your Kerbals look set to enjoy a nice new pool table!

AstronautComplexEvery week the Kerbal Space Program developers Squad put out an update called KSP Weekly, this week it was used to give us a preview of the astronaut complex backdrop (which in the current version is simply flat grey).

The update, available to read here, also updates us on what the team is currently up to. If you’ve read the updates from the last few weeks it’ll be no surprise to know that Squad are still mostly working on the Research and Development aspect of the game for the next game patch, as well as upgrades for the launcher to making patching easier for the non-Steam version. The next major update for the game still looks to be a fair way off yet but it’s nice to actually see some of what we might be getting, and I’ll be sure to update you all with any more information as and when it becomes available.

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Jack Boughton

British Astrophysicist and regular gamer.

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