Pokemon TV special based on Red/Green announced


In a very surprising announcement, a new TV special based on Pokemon Red & Green (Blue in the US) was announced at the Pokemon Game Show yesterday to air along with the new season of the anime based on the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The previous anime series based on the gaming franchise has always been its own thing and took more elements from the manga than the game. This game will star Red as he goes about his journey in the new special titled Pokemon: the Origin.

From the trailer we are given, we see Red going to Professor Oak’s lab and choosing Charmander as his starting Pokemon while his rival Green chooses Squirtle. We also see Brock as the Pewter City Gym Leader and a glimpse at Lance of the Elite Four. There is not much known yet about this special and if it is only meant to be one special or if it could become more. Considering the trailer shows Lance and Red’s fully evolved Charizard, it appears it may show Red’s entire journey in Kanto in this one special.

Pokemon: The Origin will air on October 2nd in Japan. Hopefully we will see a release in the United States before too long. Keep an eye out for the possibility of any further updates this weekend from the Pokemon Game Show where we may possibly see information on new Pokemon or Mega Evolutions from the upcoming games. Check out the release trailer for the new TV special below:

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