Final Fantasy XIV open beta is now officially live to the public

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Begins February 25th

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Begins February 25th

Were you sad when you didn’t get your beta invite from Square Enix for Final Fantasy XIV? Well, don’t fret as starting today, you can sign up and get access to the beta right away.

Starting today, you now have an opportunity to play the much awaited re-release of Final Fantasy XIV either on PC or PS3. Well, unfortunately if you’re hoping for somewhat of a lengthy session, you will be disappointed as the beta will only be open for two days. However, the good news is, what you achieved in this two days will carry over to the early access and live servers which starts August 24th (early access).

If what you see on the beta please is something you’re interested in, you still have several more days to pre-order the game and get your early access code. Don’t forget that if you pre-order, you will get unique rewards such as the a unique hat and a doll pet that will follow you around – don’t forget a three day early access too.

Are you ready to play? If so, go sign up at this page.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be available this August 27th in North America for both PS3 and PC. As always, check back with us near the release date for our coverage.

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