Xbox One pre-orders sold out at most major US retailers

xbox one console

xbox one pre-orders

Right after Microsoft announced their decision to remove their DRM policies for the Xbox One, the demand for the console seems to have increased.

In a recent tweet from Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft, he proudly stated that the Xbox One pre-orders are already sold out at most major U.S. retailers. Those who are hoping to get the Xbox One at launch will most likely have to wait for the restock since it’s almost impossible to pre-order one for a launch day release. While every store that I checked are almost sold out, your best bet is to check out small retailers that sells console, like Frys.

Here’s the tweet of Aaron Greenberg:

#XboxOne preorders are already sold out at most major U.S. retailers, also trending above 360 historical levels

Luckily, my PS4 and Xbox One pre-order are guaranteed to arrive at launch, thanks to Amazon.

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