The Wonderful 101 Won’t See Any Add-On Content

The Wonderful 101 Won’t See Any Add-On Content


Platinum Games has gone on record stating that they believe that their Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 doesn’t need DLC. This bold statement comes straight from project lead Hideki Kamiya’s Twitter, where he said the following:

We put all we want to do in 101 so you don’t need DLC, I think.

This can actually be viewed as good news. So many developers nowadays add things into their game post-launch that many feel should have been included in the main game. It’s refreshing to see a developer, Platinum Games specifically, ensuring that they’ve filled their game with as much as possible before they release it. We’ll get to see everything they’ve done in 101 when it hits Wii U this August.

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Josh Garibay