E3 2013 Preview: Wolfenstein The New Order is an improvement to the series

Wolfenstein The New Order screenshot

Aside from The Elder Scrolls Online and The Evil Within being showed to the press, another one that Bethesda showed off is Wolfenstein The New Order. As someone who has played the Wolfenstein games before, seeing and hearing how the game has improved over its previous titles is something to look forward to when it releases this year on current and next generation consoles.

In the quick presentation for Wolfenstein, the developer behind the game shared some few details as to how the game is different compared to the past Wolfenstein games. Story-wise, The New Order will have a much deeper narrative where it will involve players in making decisions. At one segment they showed, two Nazis are talking and you are being tested. The leader will ask you a series of questions and depending on your choice, it will have a different outcome. From this shift of change, it seems that The New Order will have some sort of segment where you can somewhat alter what happens based on your decisions. This type of segment has been done before and it’s interesting to see it in Wolfenstein.

Making sure that the New Order is something fresh and not just the overused first person shooter, the developer reiterated to us press that the game will be more of an action adventure with shooter aspects with it. The demo that they showed is really action packed, especially with the weapons that you get to use. You can now crouch and do some sort of cover system this time around. Weapons will be much cooler as they have now more effects.

When it comes to the story, the main protragonist from previous games will be back. This time around, it will not be prior to the World War but instead after the over-used World War events. The Nazis have won the war and unfortunately, they have a weapon that they can use against humanity. It’s up to the main protagonist to find a way to stop them and of course, supernatural elements will be somewhat there.

As for its visuals, it’s much more cleaner and you can see that they have improved. Smokes that comes out from enemies looks a lot cleaner and the physics of the game are a phenomenal sight to see. From my perspective, the game really looks like a next-gen title and not simply just a rehashed game engine.

After the presentation was over, I managed to spend several minutes with it. Brought in the middle of the firefight, what I experienced is a straight-up shooter. Controls feel very familiar as it would in a shooter game. The somewhat cover system in the game works kind of well to a point that it’s not a clone to the ones we’ve previously seen. A.I, seems kinda of tweaked and the pacing seems fast enough. The time I spent wasn’t enough but the experience of being a solid shooter can be felt in those several minutes that I spent with the game.

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