Here’s Why Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection isn’t coming on Xbox 360

metal gear solid pw

metal gear solid pw

When Konami officially announced Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection, many fans wondered if there was a chance it would release on the Xbox 360.

Well, expect to be disappointed as it will never happen due to Metal Gear Solid 4. The reason behind the decision was due to Metal Gear Solid 4 never releasing on the Xbox 360, and even if it did, it will have more than four discs, which will be tedious to those who will play it. However, there’s a chance it will be re-released on the next Xbox, since it will have a higher capacity discs, similar to Blu-Ray.

To summarize it, releasing the whole Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection will take more than ten discs to release due to the limitation of the DVD disc, whereas the PS3 will only take two Blu-Ray discs.

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