Has Rainbow 6 Patriots Been Cancelled Or Indefinitely Delayed?

rainbow 6 patriots in limbo

rainbow 6 patriots in limbo

Ubisoft’s Rainbow 6 Patriots was first announced back in 2011 and was expected for release early 2013. Not much of the game has been revealed since then and Gamestop has removed the game from its database.

This means that Gamestop has removed Rainbow 6 Patriots and the game is no longer available to pre-order. Gamestop usually removes big games from its database that lacks a definite release date. Other retailers haven’t removed their listings for the game so it might be that the game has been delayed and not cancelled.

IGN spoke to Ubisoft on the matter and they just said:

“We have nothing further to share about Rainbow 6 Patriots at this time.”

Hopefully this means Ubisoft is choosing to keep quiet until E3. It’s possible the game could have been delayed so that Ubisoft could release it for the Xbox 720 and PS4 too.

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Damian Antony Seeto

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