Eevee 3DS XL Announced for Japan

Eevee 3DS XL

Keeping with the Pokemon 3DS XL theme thus far, Nintendo has now announced a special Eevee 3DS XL for Japan. Similar to the Charizard 3DS XL, it can only be obtained via lottery and will run you 18,900 Yen.

While this is great news for Eevee fans, the actual design leaves a lot to be desired. Unlike the Charizard and Pikachu 3DS XL’s, the Eevee 3DS XL looks more like a hardwood floor than a Pokemon design. Thankfully there is still a small Eevee design on the back, though that will most likely be obscured in virtually any situation with the system. Despite this, there are still fans of the design, which isn’t surprising, though hard to say how popular this will be. As with the Charizard 3DS XL, don’t expect a western release, though one would certainly be welcomed!

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