SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel- Mandalorian Raiders HM Flashpoint Guide

Along with Cademimu, Athiss and Hammer Station is also receiving the hard mode treatment in the Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion. Another one that was added was the classic Mandalorian Raiders. As with every hard mode flashpoint, the hard mode for Mandalorian Raiders will be scaled up, so prepare for a challenge as this is one of the hardest flashpoints we’ve encountered.


– 2 Elite Commendations for every boss fight
– 2 Exotic Element Equalizer (both for bonus and final boss)
– 2 Black Market Gear (both for bonus and final boss)


– Watch out for the hounds in this flashpoint as they deal a huge amount of damage. I suggest that someone in the group use a CC (crowd control) ability to lessen the chance of getting wiped out.
– Having a Scavenging crew skill will allow anyone in the group to use a healing droid for a short amount of time.

Boss #1

Braxx the Bloodhound
– Two of the hounds in this boss fight cannot be taunted.
– The tank of the group must lure the boss away from the group. Doing so will enrage the hounds.

Beware of the Following Attacks:
– DPS must first take down the hounds first. Since the hounds cannot be taunted, healers must pay attention to everyone’s health as the aggro on this fight will be all over.
– When a red circle appears around Braxx, make sure the tank lures away the boss away from the hounds. If the boss gets to the hound while the red circle is up, the hounds will enrage, causing a huge amount of damage.

Boss #2

Republic Boarding Party
Attack the following boss at this order:

– Smuggler/Bounty Hunter
– Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior
– Jedi Consular/Sith Inquisitor
– Trooper/Imperial Agent

Unlike the regular flashpoint, the bosses in this fight are immune to CC (crowd control) abilities

Beware of the following attacks:
– Watch out for the AOE attack (red circle) of the Imperial Agent/Trooper.

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