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God Mode

Way back when I started gaming there was these things called codes, which would unlock/change various things in the game. Sometimes they would unlock a new character, like President (at the time) Clinton in NBA Jam and other times they would enable this thing called God Mode. Simply put, God Mode makes you impervious to any sort of damage, so it was a pretty cool thing back then. Sadly most recent games have done away with it, but the power lives on in God Mode… the game. With crazy power ups, endless things to kill and dynamic elements, is God Mode worth obtaining or does the game ironically lack the powers of God Mode?

Lets check out what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of God Mode.


It’s Just Fun
As you might expect from a game named God Mode, there isn’t a lot of depth to be found here. For instance, the game’s “story” is nothing more than a flimsy explanation for the premise (you lost your godly powers, so you’re fighting to get them back), but that doesn’t stop it from being a good game. To put it simply, God Mode is nothing more than a hoard/enemy rush mode, where you and some friends fend off whatever is attacking you. If you’re a huge fan of those modes, then you’ll probably have a blast trying to conquer the mazes. If you’re not a fan of traditional hoard modes, then you’re in luck, since God Mode has some features that make things interesting.

God Mode

Tests of Faith
Keeping in line with the whole god concept, you will start every wave with a different test of faith. These come in three different varieties and include things that help you, things that make things harder and random. Since they’re fairly random in nature, getting the right one at the right time can be great, just like getting the wrong one at the wrong time can spell certain fail. To give you an idea, one of the best tests is Arrow, which gives you unlimited ammo (no need to reload either) for the whole wave. On the other hand you have Death, where any damage will result in death, so this is a nightmare when in a small-enclosed area. Most of the trials are self explanatory, zlthough the real fun comes when you get something that screws with the normal game.

One of my favorite tests is Dice, which really should have its own mode. You see, every couple of seconds you will randomly receive a different gun. This includes weapons you haven’t unlocked yet, so it gets pretty crazy. What makes this trial stand out is the fact that you’ll always be frantically trying to stay alive. This can be said of a few others, like one you take damage if you stand still for too long, but it just doesn’t have the same charm as Dice. However, dwarves (smaller enemies, lower damage) can also give you a run for your money, since it’s a LOT harder to hit enemies of a smaller stature.

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God Mode Review, 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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  • Kai

    Many of the problems in God Mode are the same issues I found in Clan of Champions, namely each of the three faults. Despite all of the problems, both of these games would be a lot more enjoyable if there was a bigger fanbase out there.

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