Battlefield 4: Four Ways to Restore Recon

By now, you have most likely seen the explosive and beautifully detailed Battlefield 4 reveal trailer. While the action-packed footage was entertaining, my focus remained set on Battlefield’s true focus: multiplayer. Having been a fan of the series since the debut of Battlefield 1942 over a decade ago, I’ve come to know and love the ever-developing formula of this popular competitive FPS. That doesn’t mean I’m completely satisfied with DICE’s modifications over the years though. The most recent entry, Battlefield 3, left a majority of Recon players unhappy. DICE attempted to take the lone wolf sniper and make him/her the most team-oriented player on the field, but the result was the complete castration of the class. Here are some ways that Battlefield 4 can return the sniper to its former glory.

More Offensive Gadgets

Similar to SOCOM, the Battlefield experience depends heavily on the quality of team members watching your back. If your squad decides to sprint in four different directions, your chance at survival decreases considerably. For Recon, it isn’t uncommon to post high up in a building window or hilltop while your team rushes the objective below. After all, those 12x scopes are best used at a distance. This leaves the sniper alone, providing overwatch while picking off the enemy’s defenses before the team ever sees them. So, why is it that the Recon class is so dependent on those that are too far away to provide any real aid? A sniper may be best suited for long-range combat, but a smart player would ensure that the surrounding area remains safe. The T-UGS only reveal nearby enemies, but they won’t dispose of them.

This is why Recon deserves to get some of its explosive equipment back. This could come in the form of either C4 or claymores. Both would help Recon lay traps in their general vicinity, leaving unsuspecting opponents with a nasty treat. However, as it stands, Recon’s backside is completely open to anyone smart enough to flank. DICE needs to remove at least one of these pieces of equipment from Support (I mean, seriously, why do they have both?) and put it back where it truly belongs. Claymores and, more importantly, C4 could boost the versatility of Recon in Battelfield 4 whether they’re fortifying their position, keeping the objective safe with explosives or stealthily blowing up tanks from behind before scurrying back into the brush.

Less Team Dependence

Battlefield promotes team play and that’s great. Three out of four of the classes are great at adapting to new situations as they arise. Let’s take a look at what each offers during combat, minus general infantry removal.

– Defensive: Defibrillator and Health Kits
– Offensive: Grenade Launcher

– Defensive: Ammo Kit
-Offensive: Claymores*, C4* and Mortar

– Defensive: AT Mines* and EOD Bot*
– Offensive: RPG, Stinger/IGLA and Javelin

*depending on use, this item could fall into either category

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Josh Garibay

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  1. Snig
    April 4, 2013, 10:52 AM

    Hate to break it to you, but you can still roadkill with the MAV, even with the latest patch.

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