Tomb Raider Sets Franchise Record With First Week Sales

Tomb Raider-2013-621x350

Tomb Raider-2013-621x350

Despite Tomb Raider not selling as many copies as Square Enix hoped for, the newest game sold more copies in the first week than any other game in the franchise’s history.

Crystal Dynamics studio head Darrell Gallagher revealed during a GDC panel that latest Tomb Raider game sold well and is the biggest launch of 2013.

Over 1 million players logged in to play the game in the first 48 hours. 3.4 million copies of Tomb Raider have sold so far. This does not include digital sales which could mean the game has sold around 4 million copies in just one month.

Analysts believe that the game needs to sell at least 5 million copies to be successful. I’m guessing Square Enix wanted to reach that sales mark quickly.

The production budget for Tomb Raider must have been astronomical if Square Enix labels 3.4 million copies sold as a “disappointment”.

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Damian Antony Seeto

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  • MT

    What were they hoping for? COD number?

    3.4 mil is damn impressive for a reboot.

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