Tomb Raider Sells 1 Million Copies In Two Days

tomb raider sales

The new reboot of Tomb Raider has proved to be a successful hit. Not only have critics praised the new game, but consumers are loving it too.

As posted on the official Tomb Raider forums, Eidos announced that the game sold over 1 million copies in just 48 hours. Crystal Dynamic’s Karl Stewart confirmed this as well on his official twitter account. Stewart went on to say that some stores are running low in stock of the game, but more copies will be on the way.

This shows that reboots can work and changing the look and gameplay for a tired franchise can be a good thing. The previous Tomb Raider game wasn’t bad, but it did not sell as much as Square Enix hoped for. They’ll be sure to be happy with the success of this game though.

Source: GameChup

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Damian Antony Seeto

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  1. nosgoth1979
    March 8, 2013, 4:12 PM

    That’s awesome that Tomb Raider has sold so well. Its success should ensure that this reboot isn’t the last we get to see of Lara’s adventures. My budget’s stretched kind of thin this month so I won’t be buying it, but on the bright side I have Blockbuster @Home from DISH and I’ll be getting to play it soon anyway. Testing out the different types of services we release is one of my favorite parts about working for DISH, and I’m particularly grateful for Blockbuster @Home because previous to having it, I’d end up purchasing all the games I wanted to play. That gets too expensive though, especially considering I almost never play through a game more than once. Now though, I rent my games through Blockbuster @Home, with its flat-monthly rate, instead buying all of them at sixty bucks a piece, I can keep up with my gaming habit without going broke.

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