HarmoKnight – Unlockables Guide



After Harmoknight was first announced, Pokemon fans were excited to see their favorite songs included. With these songs and other items being hidden for you to find, we made a quick guide to help you unlock everything in Harmoknight in one quick stop.


Fast Songs – Achieve a good score / gold flower on the normal stage
Royal Note – Earn a medal on the stage
Stage Select Artwork – Achieve a gold flower on both the normal and fast version of a song.
The Gym – Beat the first boss *
Route 26 – Beat the second boss *
Your Bicycle – Beat the third boss *
Champion Battle! – Beat the fourth boss *
Trainer Battle! – Beat the last boss *
Looking for Birds – Obtain 45 Royal Notes **
World 8 “Sky Roost” – Find all 5 Pink Birds ***
Final Trial – Obtain 53 Royal Notes **

* You can make boss fights easier by replaying the first stage and cracking open some eggs. If you can make it to the end with 8 hearts, you can go into that boss battle with 3 additional tries. To save time, I strongly suggest saving before going against the boss, since you can quit/reload and start with all 8 hearts.

** To obtain a Royal Note you need to get a silver flower or better on a stage. You must do it on every stage to obtain 45 and then on all the new stages to hit 53. Pokemon stages don’t count and you’re given no buffer past the last level.

*** Pink birds are located in levels with a pink feather near it on the world map. They’re typically found after a series of white platforms in a bronze egg. This egg must properly timed to open, so don’t mess up. The fifth and final bird is located on Looking for Birds, which requires silver or better on every stage.

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  • Manuel

    Is there anything you get for getting a royal note on the final stage? Anything for 100%ing the game?

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  • I didn’t get anything. No.

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