Consumers Start New Petition in Response to the SimCity Fiasco

For a while Digital Rights Management or DRM has been a hot button issue in the gaming community. This really isn’t that surprising, since we’ve seen countless games implement it only to have some sort of problem arise. The latest example of DRM gone wrong is SimCity, which requires you to always be online, but can’t currently accommodate everyone out there. This has lead to a lot of buyers spending most, if not all of their time trying to connect online to play the game. Needless to say, some consumers are less than thrilled about this treatment and are looking to prevent it going forward.

This change comes in the form of a petition, which hopes to implement an industry wide return policy on games featuring DRM. Despite being posted earlier today, the petition has already had over 1,000 people sign it and will most likely hit the goal of 10,000 in no time. While it’s hard to say if anything good will actually come from the petition, it should at least give companies an idea of how seriously people take this matter.

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Grant Gaines

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  1. Desfunk
    March 8, 2013, 11:47 PM

    Thank god it’s just people asking for a refund, and NOT trying to gain money (for pain and suffering :p)

    It’s true though. Yeah, they do advertise that the game requires an online connection, and most people understand what that means. But when it completely shafts you out of the single player experience, then it’s just too damn much. I’m sure i’ll give this game a shot once everything blows over. Cause i’ve been itching for a new sim city :p

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