Battlefield 4 To Have A Superior Single Player Campaign

Battlefield 4 Single Player

As some of you would have seen earlier this week, the first gameplay footage from Battlefield 4 was shown. The 17 minute video was evidence that the single player campaign has improved.

If you played Battlefield 3, you would have known that the single player campaign was slightly underwhelming. Other than that, most gamers loved the multiplayer offering for the game.

In an interview with CVG, DICE’s Patrick Bach mentioned the they want to improve on the single player experience in Battlefield 4.

“We have the luxury of having an awesome multiplayer and only a ‘good’ single-player in BF3,” he added. “So of course people have been positive with our single-player, but nobody thinks it’s as good as our multiplayer – so that’s where we have to step up our game.”

It’s good to know that DICE is trying to make Battlefield 4 a great experience on both multiplayer and single player modes. If there’s something wrong with modern games these days, developers usually concentrate on one mode and quickly works on the other. Let’s hope DICE stays true on their word and the game is a quality experience overall.

Battlefield 4 is due out Fall 2013 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. A PS4 and Xbox 720 version is expected, but not officially confirmed yet.

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