War of the Roses Demo Now Out

War of the Roses Demo Now Out

War of the Roses

Paradox Interactive has recently released a free demo version of their third person action game, War of the Roses.

The game is set in 15th century England where players take sides in battles between the house of Lancaster and the house of York. The war which players are put in the middle of is a constantly raging battle as the Reds and Whites fight over the English throne. The demo allows gamers to test out a portion of the game without paying. Players on the demo will be able to fight alongside and against their friends and existing players. However, those on the demo will only have access to the basic classes and weapons.

To try out the demo for War of the Roses to see if it is your sort of game head over to the game’s Steam page and select download demo. Once installed enjoy the engrossing sword and archery gameplay.

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Oliver East

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