Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Quick and Easy BP / XP Guide

While Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has plenty of unlockables, it can take you a while to make the most of them. The Fox Blade (DLC weapon) costs 200,000 BP to simply buy and another 100,000 BP to buy the unique power. Since it can get pretty annoying to max out all your gear, we made a simple guide to solve all your BP / XP problems.


Shortly after the start of chapter 2, you will fall down a hole and see a dwarf gekko. Chase after him and start to swing your blade wildly moving forward. This should result in you killing a number of dwarf gekko’s, since roughly 9 of them will fall from the ceiling near you. Based off how quickly and accurately you complete the task, you should get anywhere from 4,500 to 5,500 BP from that fight. Upon finishing it, run back to where you fell down and you’ll encounter your first humanoid gekko. Go into blade mode and slash it in half. Ideally this will kill both of them, but if simply take another swing. If you do this correctly (too many slashes will make them disappear), they should explode and each gekko will drop a 5,000 BP item. Finally go into your codec menu and select customization. The game will tell you that doing this will cause the you to restart at the last checkpoint, which is exactly what you want. At this point the BP will be yours and you can freely spend it on customization items or save it for later. Rinse / Repeat till you get everything you want.


If the above explanation is confusing for you, feel free to check out the video below. It demonstrates everything mentioned above, except the humanoid gekko was struck too many times. One of the BP items still dropped, but the other one did not. Try to avoid this to make the most of your time.


For those looking to get everything or collect an item in particular, the list below should explain how you get every item in the game.


  • Wooden Sword = Discover all of the soldiers hidden in cardboard boxes. (Video)
  • Machete = Collect 10 Data Storage devices.
  • Stun Blade = Collect all 20 Data Storage devices.
  • Murasama = Complete the game. (Guide)
  • Pole Arm = Beat Mistral. (Guide)
  • Sai = Beat Monsoon. (Guide)
  • Pincer Sword = Beat Sundowner. (Guide)
  • Armor Breaker = Collect all 30 Arms.
  • Long Sword = “1st” every VR mission.
  • Fox Blade = DLC
  • Standard Body (MGS 4 costume, no headgear) = Beat hard or higher.
  • Suit = Beat the prologue (chapter 0) on Very Hard or better.
  • Mariachi = Complete chapter 2.
  • Custom Body (Desperado) = Complete chapter 4.
  • Custom Body (Red) = Complete 5 VR missions.
  • Custom Body (Blue) = Complete 10 VR missions.
  • Custom Body (Yellow) = Complete all 20 VR missions. (VR mission Locations)
  • Infinity Wig A (unlimited ammo) = Collect 10 arms.
  • Infinity Wig B (unlimited blade mode) = Collect 20 arms.
  • Blade Mode Wig (can blade mode larger enemies without softening, doesn’t work on bosses) = Collect all 30 arms. (missable arm location)

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