Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods Expansion Pack Features Revealed

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Paradox Interactive today announced a new expansion to the world of Crusader Kings II, the critically acclaimed RPG strategy title.

The impending expansion, called Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods, will add a number of features of the game that have been requested by fans. Ranging from 200 extra years of timeline to making rebels be no longer faceless the expansion adds a number of things that gamers will enjoy. Below is the full list of Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods features:

  • Religious Turmoil: Restore the Old Gods to prominence through sacrifice and divination, or force the pagans to convert through new missionary missions
  • Earlier start: 200 years of more gameplay with the special 867 AD bookmark
  • Rebels With a Cause: Rebels are no longer faceless rabble, but led by defined characters with specific agendas
  • Adventurers: Watch as landless younger sons and charismatic warriors raise armies
  • Pillage and Prosper: Loot provinces and burn cities to the ground – lest your warlike people grow angry during extended peacetime!
  • Heathens: Convert them or play as them and survive, reforming your faith to stand the test of time
  • Prepared Invasions: Declare your intent to invade a rich target, and watch adventurers and opportunists flock to your banner.
  • Unholy UI: A new pagan interface is available alongside all-new events, decisions, and units

Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods is currently scheduled to release in the second quarter of the year. The teaser trailer for the expansion can be seen below.

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