Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament DLC Review

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Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament DLC

Sleeping Dogs was released last year and wowed both critics and fans alike. It may not have introduced anything new to the sandbox genre, but it was still an entertaining video game. Although Wei Shen (the game’s protagonist) was proficient at using guns, it was his martial arts skills that truly made the game entertaining.

Shen will have to put all of his fighting skills to the test in the recently released Zodiac Tournament DLC. He will have to fight his way through lots of other skillful fighters to become the winner of this deadly tournament.

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Bruce Lee Fans Will Love This
Upon playing/reviewing this DLC, I thought this Zodiac Tournament will be just an ordinary fighting contest in some type of dojo. Little did I know that you had to catch a ferry that will transport you to a mysterious island that is located at the North East side of the city. From there, some gamers will instantly recognize the obvious references to that of Bruce Lee’s famous film “Enter the Dragon”.

Everything in this DLC is a throwback to old-school ‘70s kung-fu movies that will appeal to fans of that particular movie genre. The graphics have that “’70s” look with washed out colors and even some of the characters speak out with cheesy dialogue. Not to mention there’s a particular part in the DLC where Shen gets drugged which hinders his fighting performance. This is pretty much exactly what happens in Enter the Dragon as well.

If you are a fan of Bruce Lee, you’ll love the obvious and sometimes blatant references that are included in this DLC. Everything from the music, graphics and story of the DLC is ripped straight out of Enter the Dragon.

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Action Packed
Much like Enter the Dragon, the DLC is full of action. You’re pretty much on this island where you will have to fight in several different arenas against a host of enemies. There’s a variety of thugs that you have to defeat in order to advance in the next round. The fights in the DLC vary as sometimes you will have to defeat a bunch of enemies, or engage in a more traditional one-on-one encounter. There are even some moments in the DLC where you will have to run through an obstacle course. You will have to avoid some traps along the way and even make it across a broken bridge. It’s not hard, but you do get the chance to look at the lovely scenery that the island offers during this moment in the DLC.

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Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament DLC Review, 8.4 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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