Rumor: Sony Ditching DualShock For PS4

A new report suggests that Sony will be ditching its DualShock controller model in favor of something entirely different.

An anonymous source talked to CVG that Sony’s R&D department a looking to do something radical for its design for the PS4 controller.

One suggestion is to include “biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen“. Another suggestion is for the controllers to use similar features as those seen on the PS Vita console.

It will be interesting to see if PlayStation fans will accept the new design of the PS4 controller. The original “banana” design of the PS3 controller was not well received. Not to mention the controllers did not have the rumble feature either. This prompted Sony to stick to its original DualShock controller that has been popular since the PSOne days.

Touchscreens are the future though and this is evident with the amount of smartphones and tablets out in the market. The inclusion of a new controller for the PS4 with touchscreens may be a good thing for casual gamers, but hardcore gamers might feel alienated. It’s possible Sony could do what Nintendo did and release two different versions of controllers for the PS4 to cater for both auidences…

Source: CVG

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