Clear Your Calendar; SimCity Beta Arriving January 25th


Have your recent antics of creeping in on a virtual neighborhood in The Sims been too small-scale? What about filling the shoes of a charismatic dictator in Tropico? Then I’ve got some wonderful news for you. Maxis and EA are serving up a nice helping of pure SimCity for your gaming pleasure.

The forthcoming beta will give players a one hour helping of mayoral action. While it’s a small fix, players can play through it multiple times if they want to take a different approach. Unstable nuclear reactors on every street corner? You can make that dream a reality.

Those with an insatiable urge for graphs and micro management can get their fix at EA’s beta signup here.

EA’s digital distribution service, Origin, is mandatory for the beta so I advise grabbing it in advance. The beta is currently staged to run from January 25th through the 28th. It’ll give you just enough time to whet your SimCity appetite before EA’s next powerhouse, Dead Space 3, hits store shelves.

SimCity is currently slated for a March 5th release on PC; MAC version is coming soon but is still unrated by the ESRB.

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