Rumor: Sega Will Announce a New Sonic Game Next Month

The latest rumor revolving around Sega involves a new Sonic game. Rumored to have been in development before Sonic Generations, this unknown (and unconfirmed) Sonic title is said to be heading to Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PC and “Next gen” consoles. Furthermore, the game will feature 20 three-act stages, numerous playable characters (ex: Knuckles) and both 2D and 3D levels with multiple routes.

A teaser is expected to appear on February 2nd, or Hedgehog Day as SEGA calls it, with a full reveal following shortly after. The release date is rumored to fall in the Fall or Winter timeframe, with one source narrowing it down to September specifically. The presence or complete lack of announcements at the end of next week should help us determine the validity of this unofficial news.

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Josh Garibay

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