Crash Bandicoot Getting Rebooted?

A picture on Vicarious Vision’s Facebook page shows the developers in some sort of a meeting. A poster in the corner shows Crash Bandicoot looking really buff.

It’s hard to tell if a rebooted game is on the cards, but the last time we have seen a Crash Bandicoot video game was way back in 2008 with “Mind over Mutant”. Radical Entertainment was due to release some new games starring the Bandicoot but all of them got cancelled by Activision.

Vicarious Visions has worked on Crash Bandicoot games in the past but most of them were only for the Game Boy Advance. Though they were only handheld versions, they were still fun nonetheless. If Crash does get rebooted, Vicarious Visions might be the right people for the job.

Check out the images below:

Source: Gaming Everything

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