Star Citizen Blasts Past $3.5 Million Stretch Goal

Star Citizen Blasts Past $3.5 Million Stretch Goal

Star Citizen, a Space Sim that is a successful Kickstarter and crowd funding project, has just smashed another colossal stretch goal of $3.5 million.

By reaching the massive $3.5 million gamers will now get to customise their crafts both inside and out; with WWII style posters painted on the outside and and for the inside their will be “bobbleheads, photographs, dinosaurs, fuzzy dice, nose art, posters and many more cool options!”

The actual figure currently sits at just over $3.6 million is well on its way to the final stretch goal of $4 million; with the project still having 4 days to go and that crowd funding projects often raise the most money in the closing days it certainly seems plausible.

To check out the project head over to the official Star Citizen website now.

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Oliver East

UK Editor + Full Time Gamer