Darksiders II: Abyssal Forge DLC Review

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Death has been recruited to save the world once again in the latest DLC, Abyssal Forge. The Abyssal Forge DLC is the second campaign add-on, following Argul’s Tomb, and is the first piece of content included in the Season Pass. The adventure heads to the Shadow Lands, a completely new environment filled with deadly swamps and deadlier creatures. While the DLC’s predecessor was considered good enough, Abyssal Forge has something to prove since it will be the first paid add-on content (via Season Pass or standalone purchase) for many. Clearly, the Pale Rider is a busy man being. Is Abyssal Forge worth his time, and yours?

Let’s find out what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Darksiders 2: Abyssal Forge DLC review.


New Environment

Abyssal Forge takes place in the Shadow Lands, an area caught between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death. This fresh change of scenery is accented by vibrant, harmful swamps covering the wildlife outside. Inside, things are more mechanical. Constructs and cogs make up the interior. Whereas Argul’s Tomb felt a little too familiar, Abyssal Forge definitely stands out from the places visited during the main campaign. As THQ advertised, there are two main dungeons to explore that are contained within this new environment — however, that second dungeon is a bit lackluster, but more on that later.

Stronger Narrative

When I say “stronger narrative”, I’m not comparing Abyssal Forge to the main campaign, because that simply isn’t the case. Instead, the claim is that Abyssal Forge manages to craft a better narrative than Argul’s Tomb. At least this DLC has the decency to attempt an explanation as to why Death is in this newly discovered environment. Shortly after beginning this campaign, Death runs into a new character known as the Mad Smith, an outcast in need of help. Of course, he doesn’t ask you for help until he attempts to kill the Fourth Horseman. Following the brief battle, the Mad Smith informs Death that his biggest achievement, the Abyssal Forge, has turned against him. Not only that, but the creation plans on crafting more Abyssal Forges in order to take over the world. Sure, the “save the world” plot may be a bit stale by now, but it’s still more than we saw in Argul’s Tomb. And it manages to be a bit more enjoyable overall.

More Loot

Abyssal Forge does share one positive with Argul’s Tomb: more loot. As you progress, you’ll come across plenty of new loot. Brand new weapons and armor await around nearly every corner, hiding in tucked away treasure chests. Whether the equipment will actually be of use to you is hard to say and will probably vary from person to person. The main attraction are the legendary items (once again, depending on your current loadout) that can be picked up upon completing the line of quests. Point being, loot has long been a staple of RPGs and, if you just can’t seem to get enough of it, you’ll find plenty more here.

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Darksiders II: Abyssal Forge DLC Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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