Battlefield 3: Aftermath Assignments Detailed

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Assignments Detailed

A full list of the assignments for the upcoming Aftermath DLC for Battlefield 3 has been released. Each one will reward you with either a dogtag or an unlock for the crossbow. Those looking to get the crossbow right off the bat will be disappointed to learn that they have to win three rounds of Scavenger mode in order to get it. What’s even more disappointing is that you have to jump through more hoops just to unlock new bolt types for it. Check out the new assignments below.

-Archery 101

Objective: Get 5 Xbow kills
Reward: Oldschool

-William Tell

Objectives: Total of 150 meters headshots with the XBOW, Get 50 kills with the XBOW
Reward: William Tell

-Sticks and Stones

Objective: Win three rounds of Scavenger
Reward: Xbow

-It’s Okay To Thank Me

Objective: Get 20 Spot Assists, Designate 10 Vehicles, Get 1 Designated Assist
Reward: Scan Bolt

-This Is My Boom Stick

Objective: Get 50 Carbine Kills, 50 Assault Rifle Kills
Reward: Squeezing The Trigger

-Stay Away From My Tent

Objective: Get 50 kills with Sniper Rifles, 10 Headshot kills with sidearm
Reward: Balanced Bolt

-Go play Close Quarters

Objective: Total of 150 Meters With Sniper Rifles, Total of 150 Meters With Assault Rifles, Total of 150 Meters With Carbine
Reward: Xbow Scoped

-A Good Demo Man

Objective: Get 5 Kills With hand Grenades, Get 5 Kills With Underslung Grenade, Get 5 Kills With C4
Reward: HE Bolt

-Riding Shotgun

Objective: Get 5 Kills in Modified Humvee, Get 5 Kills In Modified Vodnik, Get 5 Kills In Van
Reward: Grease Monkey

-On Top Of The Richter Scale

Objective: Play 1 Hour of Epicenter, Play 1 Hour of Markaz Monolith, Play 1 Hour of Talah Market, Play 1 Hour of Azadi Palace, Pick Up 200 Weapons In Scavenger
Reward: Quake Survivor

Battlefield 3: Aftermath releases on November 27 for Playstation 3 Premium Members and December 4 for PC and Xbox 360 members. Non members on Playstation 3 will receive the DLC on December 11 while 360 and PC must wait until December 18.

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