The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 4: Around Every Corner Review

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The Walking Dead: The Game debuted earlier this year and was an instant hit for fans of the series and newcomers alike. It tells the story of survivor Lee Everett and his struggles to protect young Clementine from the undead that now inhabit the planet. The game is about making choices that you think are the right ones to make. It leads you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final credits roll. It always leaves you picking your jaw up from the floor and wanting the next episode immediately.

Around Every Corner is no different from the rest. It is chock full of memorable moments and will have you screaming “GIVE ME EPISODE 5!” by the time you wrap it all up. Here are the Hots and Nots of The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 4: Around Every Corner.


Narrative Is At Its Peak
I mean the above statement in two different ways. First off the story being told is extremely excellent. Second is that the story has hit its climax (as it should seeing as this is the second to last episode). Episode 4 has Lee and his band of survivors finally arriving in Savannah with the goal of going through with Kenny’s plan and finding a boat so that they can get out to sea. Shortly after arriving, things go south and the survivors soon find that there is much more to Savannah than meets the eye.

The voice on the walkie-talkie from the end of the previous episode is not fully addressed in Around Every Corner. They seem to be saving that for the big finale in No Time Left. Instead the group focuses on staying alive while trying not to dissolve from the inside out. You’ll meet brand new faces and will once again have to make decisions that will be tough to come to. Some of these are made even more difficult by the pressure of time and you will have to go with your gut reaction just like in previous episodes. Only a few of these decisions are really memorable and will leave you staring blankly at your televisions, but by the time you reach the end and everything comes to the final moments you will be picking your jaw up from the floor just so you can scream at it for making you wait.

Gameplay Is Still Its Same Addicting Self
The thing that makes the gameplay never get old in The Walking Dead: The Game is that it is driven by a strong narrative. You always want to know what happens next and it also helps that they throw in some clever puzzles and action sequences to break up the down time. There is one new thing in Episode 4 that we have not seen before and that is Lee firing a gun from the first-person perspective. While this is by far not a huge mechanic, it does give you a look at how our bullets can put your fellow survivors in danger as well as save their lives.

Voice Overs And Sounds Are Still Superb
Once again The Walking Dead: The Game has done an excellent job in bringing the story to life through the use of stellar voice acting as well as sound work. The moaning of zombies will have you cringing whenever you hear them and send you looking for the source of the sound, hoping that you won’t run into the walker making it. The voice work on Clementine is especially impressive. A couple of times during my playthrough I actually felt guilty for some of my decisions when she gave the sad tone. The combination of voice work, sounds and visuals have once again made for a great entry in the series.

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The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 4: Around Every Corner Review, 9.6 out of 10 based on 29 ratings
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