Borderlands 2 v1.01 Patch Notes

Today Borderlands 2’s latest patch was released, and while it included some obvious additions such as the Mechromancer class, and support for it, it also packed some other fixes and additions. According to Gearbox, the full patch notes are listed below.


– Fixed an issue where a mission’s level would sometimes reset to a lower level when loading a saved game.
– Fixed an issue with stacking skill icons not correctly refreshing in some cases.
– Fixed an issue where a client would sometimes hear a high-pitched distorted sound when respawning in a 4-player game.
– Fixed the player sometimes getting stuck on a long loading screen or infinite black screen when trying to travel quickly after entering some areas.
– Fixed red loot chests only spawning certain types of items.
– Corrected spawn rate of Michael Mamaril in Sanctuary.
– Fixed a bug where clients would occasionally crash when trying to join a server.
– Fixed some low framerate issues that would sometimes occur in splitscreen.
– Fixed a microphone icon sometimes showing up incorrectly for splitscreen players.


– Fixed some cases where the Logitech G19 screen would show incorrect information for the friends list.
– Fixed players losing ammo when reloading a savegame with max ammo and a stockpile relic equipped.
– Fixed the vendor UI sometimes showing a count of 1 less item in the player’s backpack than is actually there.
– Fixed the favorite/trash icons in the inventory sometimes disappearing when scrolling the inventory list.
– Fixed players getting stuck in a white box when two people try to travel at once and one is in a vehicle.
– Fixed co-op players sometimes spawning at different places after a level transition.
– Fixed the “has abandoned your struggle!” message sometimes appearing with no player name.
– Fixed mini-map fog-of-war sometimes not uncovering correctly when first loading a saved game as a client.
– Fixed a rare crash when trying to select a menu item with the keyboard after playing the game with a gamepad.
– Added “(undiscovered)” entries to the challenge log for challenges that the player has not yet found.
– Fixed a rare crash in the launcher related to using a gamepad.
– Fixed client players sometimes seeing fired bullets fly off in random directions.
– Fixed a blocker in the “Do No Harm” quest. This fix prevents the bug and corrects the issue for any character hit by this bug.
– Fixed a case where players were sometimes being sent back to the main menu after their online status changed when playing a LAN game.
– Fixed a case where shields that reduce the player’s health were sometimes not showing how much health they reduce.
– The inventory screen will no longer jump to the top of the list when using a customization item.
– Fixed a case where clients and servers would sometimes see different fast-travel stations available to them.
– Fixed a bug that could cause challenges to re-complete all 5 tiers over and over again.
– Fixed players who have lost access to their 3rd or 4th weapon slot erroneously.
– Allowed players to trade with each other when at maximum backpack capacity if they’re trading the same number of items with each other.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out as we will be posting a hands-on for the new Mechromancer class that was added in the patch, for those out there who haven’t played with it yet.

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Cameron Morawski


  1. deadclown
    October 10, 2012, 3:27 PM

    wait did they fix it so that red chests only spawn certin types or fixed it because it only did spawn certin items. and they did not nerf the bee and conference call right

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  2. Grant Gaines (大将)
    October 10, 2012, 3:54 PM

    @ Deadclown

    They’re not nerfed, but that should be coming soon. Hard to say if it will ACTUALLY nerf them or something more fair. Either or, I hope they handle that problem properly.

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