Max Payne 3 Free DLC Coming this August; Future Add On Content Detailed

Rockstar Games is pleased to reveal today that some time in August, Max Payne 3 players on all platforms will be receiving a free download content pack that they can use on the multiplayer portion of the game. In addition, the company also laid out the details on the future add-on content that fans can expect.

Following the release of the free Disorganized Crime Pack DLC, Rockstar Games will release three more downloadable content that will give players a lot of incentive to go back and play the game throughout the year. Instead of releasing the planned five DLC contents for Max Payne 3, Rockstar made it into 3 larger packs where fans can expect the co-op content, trickle down economics map pack and many more to be bundled in the following packs:

Max Payne 3 Downloadable Content

· Disorganized Crime Pack: August [Free]

· Hostage Negotiation Map Pack: September [800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $9.99 (PlayStation Network and PC)]

· Painful Memories Map Pack: October [800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $9.99 (PlayStation Network and PC)]

· Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack: October [800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $9.99 (PlayStation Network and PC)]

As for the details of the Disorganized Crime Pack, players will have the opportunity to battle above the streets on Max’s old apartment in the new Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map. Also, fans can expect to have new modifiers for Score Attack in Arcade mode including Explosive Rounds, Lone Wolf AI, and headshots.

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