Skyrim Dawnguard DLC – How to Initiate the Dawnguard Quest

After downloading the first DLC for Skyrim, you’re now ready to embark on another journey where you have to choose whether you want to join the Dawnguard, which is their mission to vanquish all Vampires in Skyrim or be one of the enemies and do whatever is necessary to preserve the Vampire lineage.

As with all other quests, in order to start the questline for Dawnguard, you must trigger it first. Here is a list of steps that you must do in order to initiate the DLC:

1. If you are level 10 or over, head to a nearby town and talk to the Guard. In the video above, I went to Riften since the area that you have to go through is southeast from the town.
2. When you talk to any of the the guards in town, they’ll mention to you about the rumor of the Vampires coming back. Luckily, there’s an elite group that hunts for Vampires and they’re looking for new recruits.

3. As soon as you hear about the Vampires, the quest to find the Fort Dawnguard will appear.
Note: Since every time you start a new quest, you’ll see a marker that points to your next destination. Unfortunately in this DLC, the marker will point you in the wrong place. To find it, simply follow the compass on top.

4. Look on the world map above. Do you see the marker where it leads you to the person you’re supposed to talk to? Slightly head northeast from that. You’ll have to go through the mountains to get to it. (Don’t follow the marker on the map!)
5. When you find the area, you’ll enter the cave that will lead you to Fort Dawnguard, which is located past the invisible wall that separates Skyrim and Morrowind. Unfortunately, the area is linear.
6. Get inside the Fort Dawnguard and begin your quest!

NOTE: If you can’t initiate the quest from the guard, find it via the map above and look for a cave. Also, another way to initiate the quest is from the courier.

33 thoughts on “Skyrim Dawnguard DLC – How to Initiate the Dawnguard Quest

  1. im still waiting for it. i just looked and its not there. anybody know exactly when it comes out?

  2. Dawnguard was released around 5:40am EST. Once you’ve downloaded it exit back to the 360 dashboard and start Skyrim back up again. Once you get to the main menu screen a message box will pop up saying “loading add-ons”. This means, obviously, it’s loading Dawnguard. Once the regular Skyrim game loads up follow the guide on this site or listen out for rumors to begin the quest.

  3. Is this random or is my dawnguard download broken, ive try for 30mmins now no luck.

  4. theres already a problem initiating this freaking quest line imma gonna delete dawnguard and then reinstall

  5. Ok if it has yet to be found in the dashboard when you search skyrim open your skyrim game and go to add ons. Once there open the marketplace, while still in-game and Dawngaurd should be available for purchase….

  6. Put your skyrim disc in and launch it. click on add ons, then x for marketplace and can be downloaded this way

  7. So is there a way to just join the vampires?? because i am already a vampire, it only tells me to go to dawnguard to initiate the quests.. do i really have to make a new damn character just to play as a vampire?, or is there a way to go directly to the vampires?

  8. correction* to play with the Volhkeir vampires, because as soon as i walk up to dawnguard they attack me on sight

  9. this tells us how to initiate the dawnguard side………
    How do you initiate the vampire side????????????????

  10. ok so somebody please tell me that im wrong.. but so far it looks like if your already a vampire, you have to cure yourself in order to get to the part to join the vampires… please tell me this isnt true, because if it is, then they really put no thought into it. what about all the vampire players?, do they really need to cure themselves just to join?… lame

  11. the acheivments arent unlocking properly have to wait for to sync with it hopefully soon if u play thru it u will unlock achieves but it wont add to ur gamerscore i had to recover gamertag to fix so no acheives unlocked and im waiting on website to tell me when its safe to play

  12. When I downloaded Dawnguard it doesn’t work and the guards go about their daily routine. Anyone know any way to stop this.

  13. I’ve downloaded it but I really can’t find the dawnguard I’ve talked to guard I searched the castle (where they tell it is) But I can’t find it.. I’m SAD!

  14. I’ve re-downloaded Dawnguard multiple times and talked to guards in a couple different cities and the quest none of the guards are mentioning vampires. Anyone know what’s wrong?

  15. Im guessing its like some daedra quest… the location of the gaurd that tells you is random :/

  16. the location to go to Fort Dawnguard isn’t random. Remember the invisible wall where it doesn’t allow you to go through? Past that is Fort Dawnguard but you can’t access it unless you go through the cave which is located somewhat SouthEast from Riften.

  17. I’m Also a Level 81 And have been all over the place talking to guards and searching for this “Cave” that leads you through the mountains. I paid money for this crap It should be easy to access i shouldn’t have to go run back and forth giving the guards reach arounds for information about a secret faction of vampire hunters. I need a beer…

  18. ive been every wher and still no guard has said anything also the cave isnt their wats wrong

  19. I have installed the game (atleast Steam tell me that there isn’t anything else to dl) and i’m above 10 but i can’t see the entrance and the guards won’t tell me anything about those dawnguards.. It feels like the patch isn’t applied or something.. Anyone experinced that too? :O

  20. If you get to the gate with invisible wall you went too far. Back down the paved path a bit and into a cave entrance.

  21. Ive deleted and reinstall dawnguard twice, deleted three profile
    s because the guards wouldnt mention the dawnguard… Now i learn uhave to be at least level 10 GOD DAMMIT!!!

  22. I’m level 74 and the guards say nothing of vampire hunters or vampire conspiracies or anything, I’ve also scoured every f*cking inch of land south of riften and found no caves or tunnels or anything, I have this on the xbox so I assume there shouldn’t be any kind of tedious installation process but do I need to do something to get it to register it or whatever?

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