Starhawk Will Support Dual PSN Sign-Ins

Sony has decided to drop the 4 player multiplayer in favor of a 2 player split-screen and individual PSN sign-ins. This means that you and a buddy can sign in to your individual Playstation accounts so that they can earn XP on their own profiles. Hopefully this all works out as planned so that there are no hiccups or flaws that will ruin the experience.

Player two will not be able to earn trophies while signed in to their profile on a different console but they will be able to earn XP and level their profile without worrying. Sony also commented as to why they decided to not include 4 player capabilities stating: “We thought about it a lot and decided not to go this route; based on our data, not enough people ever used four-player splitscreen in Warhawk so we concentrated our efforts in other areas, such as making two-player just plain better.”

Statrhawk is currently looking at a May release date and will be available exclusively on the Playstation 3. Be sure to check back here at JPS for all of your Starhawk updates.

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Richard Subia

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  1. Ender21
    March 22, 2012, 12:43 PM

    Yay! Thank you for including dual sign in. This will be a huge gain in my house. Looking foreward to starhawk even more and more! It is too bad that you cant earn trophies but xp is great!

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