Possible God of War IV Trailer Leaked

PlaystationGang first found a leaked video that shows off-screen footage of a possible trailer for God of War IV. From what we can gather, Kratos’ journey isn’t over just yet and he’ll be venturing into the depths of Hades, as he tends to do every time. Why would he go back? Take a look at the video below first.

The voice in the video says the following:

“Brother, the phoenix has-been drinking your blood, full of your anger, your strength, and during her rebirth she also has let you in life. Now I ask you: what are you going to do? Would you leave me here in hell? [Missing section] wake up, wake up!”

*Spoilers for God of War 3 and Ghost of Sparta*

As we know, Kratos tried to save his brother, Deimos, in the PSP installment Ghost of Sparta. Unfortunately, Deimos met his demise not too long after being freed. Fast forward to the end of God of War 3 and Kratos decides to off himself to end his quest for vengeance.

Taking those pieces of information, this trailer could be Deimos calling out to Kratos — who will be revived shortly — to come save him from Hades. The only problem with this is that nearly every Olympian is dead EXCEPT Athena. So who would be keeping Deimos in the depths of hell? The souls roamed free once Hades was killed.

There are many questions that need answering, the most of important of which is “Is this trailer real?” Many people have pointed out that the music is exactly the same from the GoW 3 trailer, but recent accidental listings on retail sites have revealed the existence of GoW 4. It’s hard to say at the moment, but the huge upcoming gaming events may hold the answer we’re all longing for.

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