Mass Effect 3 Operation Raptor Challenge Starts This Weekend

This past weekend, Mass Effect 3 players were given the chance to earn double XP in the online portion of the game during an event called Operation Fortress. Now, BioWare has announced that another challenge will be available this weekend, which should entice those who partook in the event a few days ago.

Operation Raptor will start this Friday, March 30th at 5PM PST and end on Monday, April 2nd at 5AM PST. So, what is this weekend’s goal? It directly compliments all the hard work players did in leveling up their characters during this past double XP weekend.

Allied Goal: Promote 150,000 characters. Victory Packs awarded to all players upon successful completion.
Individual Goal: Promote 2 characters. Commendation Pack awarded to individual players upon successful completion.

Please not that there are some restrictions to this event. Read the following to find out how successfully join the event or if your console is are even eligible to do so.

This operation includes PC and Xbox 360; we are continuing to work with Sony to enable these types of Operations on the PlayStation 3 platform. We appreciate your patience, and we expect an update later this week regarding Operation Raptor and the PlayStation 3.

Commendation Packs will be awarded to individual soldiers who complete their training, and a Victory Pack will be awarded to everyone if the Allied Goal is achieved. Packs will be available to download the following week. Please note that participants need to set “Upload Gameplay Feedback” to “on” in the online options to be able to participate in Operation RAPTOR.

*Some restrictions may still apply, Operation Raptor is not open in all regions. PlayStation 3 eligibility will be determined as soon as possible.

Sorry Playstation 3 players. It looks like you may miss out on this operation. Let’s hope that BioWare and Sony work something out quickly so that PS3 owners can enjoy this multiplayer incentive as well.

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