Gotham City Imposters Gets New Update

Gotham City Imposters Gets New Update

Gotham City Imposters has received a new update on Steam, courtesy of Warner Bros and Monolith. The latest tweaks and fixes include matchmaking solutions and an FOV slider.

Check out the full list of changes below:

Change list:
-Implemented an FOV slider in the Help & Options menu.
-Implemented additinoal checks to ensure save data is not corrupted/stats are not lost.
-Implemented ping thresholds that scale down if a player is unable to find a matchmaking session in their current range.
-Fix for an issue where multiple UI elements where being highlighted at the same time in the Matchmaking lobby.
-Fix for an issue where the publisher hyperlink was not functioning in the Games Explorer on Windows 7.
-Fix for a rare Sector crash.
-Fix for a crash in Agora when joining a game in progress as everyone in the game was quitting.
-Fix for Toxic gas no longer being usable, until respawn, if used at the same time as Spring Boots.
-Fix for an issue where dedicated server games would no longer be joinable if the player host had left the session.
-Fix for an issue where party members take upwards of a minute to be pulled into the party hosts game if the host joins in progress.
-Fix for an issue where the Double XP timer would sometimes not show up in-game when joining in progress.
-Fix for a crash when the game is minimized as the matchmaking lobby is reformed.
-Fix for a rare voice related crash.
-Fix for a common crash in GFX that occurred at the end of matchmaking games before transitioning back to the Matchmaking lobby.
-Fix for a customization related crash.
-Fix for an issue where the player was unable to proceed past the Splash Screen if they tried to use the Space Bar instead of the mouse.
-Fix for a compression related crash.
-Fix for an issue where Negative rampages were triggering early.
-Fix for an issue where shotgun deaths were counting as multiple deaths.
-Fix for a crash that occurs if the player is online while the XLSP server is taken down.
-Fix for an issue where the matchmaking timer would increment in 2 second intervals instead of 1.
-Fix for an issue with how ping was calculated when searching for a matchmaking session.

Next time you start up the game on Steam, the entire list above will be automatically downloaded. Still haven’t purchased this bizarre first-person shooter? Read our glowing review of the downloadable title and see if that helps you finally part with your money.

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Josh Garibay