Freezing Issues Reported With Playstation 3 Version Of Mass Effect 3

It seems that the recently released Bioware heavy hitter Mass Effect 3 is suffering from a few freezing issues on Sony’s console. Players have been reporting that the game will freeze in a few different places during the main story of the game. The one that has become the most problematic is during the cutscene at the end of the Mars mission. The game will lock up and force you to restart your entire system. It has also been reported that the game will freeze when you try to access the Holding Area at the Citadel via the elevator.

I have personally had my game lock up on me a few times during these moments and it is kind of a relief to see that it is not just my console or game that is doing it. Hopefully Bioware will release a patch to fix these issues so that we don’t have to worry about our game saves being corrupted should it choose to save at one of these points.

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Richard Subia

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