The Darkness 2 Developer Conference Call

It’s finally February 7th and that means The Darkness 2 has just hit store shelves. I’m sure many of your have already run out to grab a copy for your system of choice, but there may still be some who are hesitant. To aid those in making a decision, The Darkness 2’s creative director Sheldon Carter and associate producer Dan Schmittou held a developer conference call to answer questions about their dark and twisted first-person shooter.

Us here at JustPushStart, as well as other media outlets, submitted questions for these guys to answer. The audio file below is nearly an hour long and, within that hour, covers all aspects of the game: story, art style, brutal gameplay details (ex: quad-wielding) and the new cooperative mode called Vendettas.

That should give you a good idea of what madness (the good kind) you can expect to experience after popping The Darkness 2 into your console. Be sure to check back later to see what we think about The Darkness 2 in our full review.

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Josh Garibay

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