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Good: Unique Presentation, Use the Touch and Tilt Controls to Solve Puzzle, Tons of Extras Are Waiting For You, Challenges Awaits
Bad: Weak Story, Annoying Rear Touch Pad
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From the producers of Fat Princess, here comes Escape Plan a new exclusive downloadable game on the PlayStation Network, which showcases just how precise the touch and tilt controls are for the Vita. With its unique art style and a fresh take on gameplay, will Escape Plan be one of the downloadable games all Vita owners should have?

Let’s take a look in the HOTs and NOTs in our Escape Plan review.


Unique Presentation
The moment Escape Plan was unveiled for the PlayStation Vita, all eyes were on the game due to its unique presentation and visuals. Instead of having colorful environments that look really good on the Vita, gamers will instead to see a monochrome design. The environments in Escape Plan are all in black and white and its design pays homage to many classic cartoon films from the 50’s or earlier. Even though there is no color, the character designs and the environments are very crisp and detailed. Fans of classic Mickey Mouse cartoons will fully appreciate Escape Plan’s artistic approach to design.

Use the Touch and Tilt Controls to Solve Puzzle
Escape Plan is a puzzle game where you will be helping the characters, Lil & Laang in escaping from where they’re imprisoned. With over 50 rooms that you’ll be able to go through, you’re expected to use the touch and tilt controls escape danger.

In every room there are obstacles that you must clear in order for Lil & Laang to proceed. For the first ten rooms it’s a no-brainer, but as you go deeper you will be expected to use some strategy. With the touch screen controls, you will be swiping the characters back and forth as you lead them to the next room. With traps and obstacles along the way, you’re expected to get rid of them by tapping the screen or pinching both the rear and front touch panels. The goal of the game is for you to think of an escape plan for Lil & Laang, so that they can get out of the room safely. Otherwise, death will sometimes await them if you’re unsuccessful. It’s like Lemmings although you only control two characters instead of dozens.

Tons of Extras Are Waiting For You
Being a puzzle game, there are tons of extras waiting for you. If you’re the type of gamer who wishes to solve puzzles of a greater challenge, there’s a mode for that. The Challenge Mode in Escape Plan allows you to play through the game, while trying not to exceed 20 deaths for both Lil and Laarg. Accomplishing this will award you a gold trophy. While it’s not a bad reward, it surely will give some challenge to those who wants it.

Another extra that is founding collectible signs. With over fifty rooms, there are signs scattered everywhere. If spotted, simply tap on them and they will be collected. There are thirty in total and when they’re all found there is a reward.

Challenges Awaits
In addition to simply guiding Lil and Laarg safely by swiping the screen, every swipe you do is counted, therefore once you complete a level you will receive a star rating of one through three. Based on how fast you solve the puzzle it can also affect your rating. At first it will be hard, but if you wish to achieve three stars on every level, doing it more than once is recommended.


Weak Story
Escape Plan has a story to tell, but it’s not something that gamers will follow. With both Lil and Laang captured by Bakuki, both characters must help each other out as they try to escape from prison. That’s pretty much the story you will be following in the game – it’s plain and simple.

Annoying Rear Touch Pad
Playing Escape Plan will not only require you to swipe the front touch panel, but it will also ask you to do the rear pad. If you want to three star every level that you go through, make sure that you’re not accidentally touching the rear pad as it will be counted towards in your total number of gestures. This is one of the most annoying things I found in the game as I always try to aim for a perfect score. Even a slight touch on the rear touch pad will be counted in the total number of swipes / gestures you do.


For the budgeted price of $14.99, Escape Plan is a downloadable title worth your money. Everything from its unique art style and gameplay to it’s mix of puzzle and action, it’s a game where you spend hours playing regardless of how tough the puzzles are. With the extras that are included, it somehow adds some replay value, but overall Escape Plan is a Vita title that deserves a spot on your home screen. Just be wary of the annoying rear touch pad controls for those who wishes to get a three stars on every level.

Escape Plan Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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