Bethesda Shows Off What Skyrim Could Have Been (And What It Might Be)

During Bethesda’s keynote at the 2012 DICE Summit, Todd Howard had an interesting video lying amongst his slides.

This video showed off various in-game mechanics that never made it into the final product. Apparently, all of these ideas came from the dev team when they were given one week, known as Game Jam 2011, to “do whatever [they] want and put it in the game.” The results ranged from werebears to oversized mudcrabs to the addition of spears as a weapon type.

Although this video is meant to be fun, it can bring a frown across Skyrim owners’ faces when they realize how much more insanely awesome (and addictive) this title could have been. You’ve been warned.

The video quality isn’t that great at the moment, but its the content of this shot clip that matters. Who doesn’t want to ride a dragon? Or fly around as a vampire? Oh, the possibilities.

This dream may one day become a reality as Todd Howard stated that these gameplay tweaks/additions could end up in future free updates or paid DLC. One can only hope that at least half of these make their way into Skyrim in the near future.

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Josh Garibay


  1. A.C.M
    February 9, 2012, 9:59 AM

    Wow lots of options… I would love a dragon mount since the in game horses were so slow. And a Lycanthrope skill tree would have been great since the skill was nearly useless otherwise. And the powerful vampire lord/flying thing would be best of all. Except they need cooler wings than in the video.

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  2. Peter Vee
    March 7, 2012, 7:04 PM

    Really wish the higher ups had shot for the moon and included a few of these. Even the less flashy things would have added immersion to the game – like the seasonal foliage, tying fast travel to in-game teleportation, having some distance weapon besides a bow… Here’s hoping some of these will make it into updates someday (probably some time after they get around to finding out where Louis Letrush’s lower body went.)

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