Skyrim Sidequest – Scoundrel’s Folly

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After completing the Dampened Spirits quest, speak to Mercer-Frey to find the next lead in the mystery of that plagues the Guild of Thieves. Turns out an Argonian by the name of Gulum-Ei may have further information about the recent events that has involved the Guild and its affairs. Speak with Brynjolf before leaving to learn more about the East Empire Company, as well as Gulum-Ei and why it is imperative that he not perish.

Note: this quest can include a bit of stealth, so if you need to stack up on invisibility potions, now is the time.

When you are ready, travel to Solitude, and enter the Winking Skeever Tavern to find Gulm-Ei. Confront him and eventually you will have some conversation choices; a successful intimidation or persuasion causes the slimy scam-artist to reveal some information but not much. If you offer bribery, Gulum-Ei will send you on a small fetch quest to steal a case of Firebrand Wine that can be found in the Blue Palace in Solitude.

After the conversation in which Gulum-Ei provides almost no helpful information, he will get up and proceed to leave. Now is the time to follow him and see where he is heading; make sure to keep your distance as Gulum-Ei will stop and confront you should he spot you. This will not cause you to fail the mission though, it only delays Gulum-Ei’s arrival at his destined location. If he does spot you, simply put some distance between you two or duck behind some cover to get Gulum-Ei to resume his trip.

Eventually, the leery lizard will enter a warehouse on the docks; follow him inside and get ready to use some stealth. Inside the warehouse there are many wardens who will attack you on sight, and if Gulum-Ei spots you, he too will raise the alarm. When you reach the point where you see a set of wooden stairs leading into the water, take the other set of stairs upwards to a log cabin. Inside you will find another Larceny Target on the table.

Steal the East Empire Shipping Map for Delvin before leaving this area. While you are doing this, Gulum-Ei will stop and forge some documents; afterwards he will turn around and walk towards you, so be careful not to get spotted here. Once you’ve followed Gulum-Ei to the end of his route, he will enter Brinewater Grotto. Stealth is no longer needed here, proceed to kill everyone and eventually, you will run into Gulum-Ei who, with the fear of death looming over his head, will be much more forthcoming with information this time around.

Note: If for some reason Gulum-Ei dies during this quest, you can still obtain the information needed to complete the quest by searching in one of the chests located in the picture below.

Take this new information back to the Cistern in Riften, and relay it to Mercer-Frey which reveals quite a bit about the History of the Guild of Thieves. Afterwards, go speak with Tonilia for the opportunity to upgrade one piece of the Thieves Guild armor pieces you acquired earlier in this quest line. Look below for a list of what improvements are made on each item.

Thieves Guild Boots Improve Pickpocket 25%
Thieves Guild Armor +35 Carry Weight
Thieves Guild Gloves Improve Lockpick 25%
Thieves Guild Hood Improve Price 15%

This will conclude this quest and begin Speaking with Silence.

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