Skyrim Sidequest – Loud and Clear

Skyrim Sidequest – Loud and Clear

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After giving Brynjolf the 300g that you gained from the Taking Care of Business quest you immediately begin the Loud and Clear quest. You are then led into the secret lair of the Thieves Guild to meet the rest of the crew including one Mercer Frey, the current leader of the Guild.

After a condescending conversation with Mercer, he tells you that he has a job for you, although he doubts your ability to complete the job properly. The job involves invading the Goldenglow Estate; seeing how Aringoth, the owner of the farm, has decided to break the agreement that he had with the Guild. Speak to Brynjolf about the Goldenglow job to learn that the specifics include setting three and only three bee hives on fire, and clear out Aringoth’s safe.

He also mentions that Vex, another member of the Guild, nearly died scouting the estate and recommends that you speak with her for more information regarding the job. Head back to the Ragged Flagon to speak to Vex and learn of another optional way to enter the estate (through the sewers). You can also speak with Vex to learn more about the Guild itself, her feelings as to why the Guild is struggling, and to perform Vex’s Side Jobs for additional gold.

Before leaving the Ragged Flagon, speak to Delvin Mallory to get his opinions on the Guild’s luck, and to open up Delvin’s Side Jobs; also speak with Tonilia to open access to her ability to Fence (basically turn her into a vendor) as well as receive your Thieves Guild uniform. After you’ve finished preparing for the Goldenglow job, head out to the spot now marked on your map.

One of the best things about the Thieves Guild quests, is the multitude of different ways that some of the jobs can be completed. Goldenglow Estate sits on three interconnected islands in the middle of a lake just West of Riften.
Note: It is highly recommended that this quest be performed at night. Here are just a few of your options for entering the property:

  • Kill the guard at the South main gate to obtain the gate key. Use this key to unlock the main gate providing easier access to the islands.
  • Attack the mercs on the island from a distance taking them out slowly but surely before even setting foot on the islands.
  • Approach the island (swimming) from the East and sneak up the dock to enter the backdoor of Aringoth’s home.
  • Enter the sewer from the North-West entrance just as Vex described to come up right next to the aforementioned back door.

Note: It is very possible to complete this quest with zero bloodshed. However if you do not have the proper equipment or perks this may be extremely difficult if not impossible to achieve.

Once inside, you can either head directly for Aringoth’s safe (it can be lock-picked) in the basement, or make your way to the second floor where Aringoth will be cowering in a corner in his bedroom. The only way to get his keys without killing him is to successfully pickpocket him, otherwise he will fight you no matter what conversation options you choose. Also make sure to pick up the Queen Bee Statue located on his bedside table as this item can be sold to Delvin for his Larceny Targets subquest.

After looting the safe, head back out the way you came in, or you can drop down into the sewer from an exit in the basement. Head over to the bee hives and set three and only three hives on fire using a torch, or flames spell, or any other fiery means. Return to Brynjolf in the Ragged Flagon to turn over the contents of the safe completing the Loud and Clear quest and beginning the quest Dampened Spirits.

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