Max Payne Items Available for Xbox 360 Avatars

To further excite people (and to capitalize on the hype), Max Payne 1 and 2 gear have added to Xbox Live. Now you can deck out your avatar with iconic items from past Max Payne titles.

Here’s the list of Max Payne outfits/gear:

- Classic Max Payne Outfit
- Classic Max Payne 2 Outfit
- Mona Sax Outfit
- Captain Baseball Bat Boy Outfit (Men | Women)
- Vinnie Gognitti Outfit (Men | Women)
- Vladimir Lem Outfit
- Mona Sax Leather Jacket
- Classic Max Payne Avatar Tee (Men | Women)
- Valkyr Avatar Tee (Men | Women)
- Aesir Avatar Tee (Men | Women)
- Captain Baseball Bat Boy Tee (Men | Women)
- Captain Baseball Bat Boy Head
- Mona Sax Assassin Gloves

List courtesy of EvilSourceGaming.

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Josh Garibay

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