Skyrim – Complete Alchemy Ingredients List

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Below is a complete list of all Alchemy ingredients in Skyrim, including one location, and all four effects for each ingredient.

Ingredient Name
Effect 1
Effect 2
Effect 3
Effect 4
Location 1
Abecean Longfin Weakness to Frost Fortify Sneak Weakness to Poison Fortify Restoration Riften (Plankside)
Bear Claws Restore Stamina Fortify Health Fortify One-Handed Damage Magika Regen Fallowstone Cave
Bee Restore Stamina Ravage Stamina Regenerate Stamina Weakness to Shock Honeystrand Cave
Beehive Husk Resist Poison Fortify Light Armor Fortify Sneak Fortify Destruction Honeystrand Cave
Bleeding Crown Weakness to Fire

Fortify Block Weakness to Poison Resist Magic Pinemoon Cave
Blisterwort Damage Stamina Frenzy Restore Health Fortify Smithing Chillwind Depths
Blue Butterfly Wing Damage Stamina Fortify Conjuration Damage Magika Regen Fortify Enchanting Windhelm (Wuunferth’s Quarters)
Blue Dartwing Resist Shock Fortify Pickpocket Restore Health Fear Lund’s Hut
Blue Mountain Flower Restore Health Fortify Conjuration Fortify Health Damage Magika Regen Solitude
Bone Meal Damage Stamina Resist Fire Fortify Conjuration Ravage Stamina Bleak Falls Barrow
Brair Heart Restore Magika Fortify Block Paralysis Fortify Magika Last Valley Redoubt
Butterfly Wing Restore Health Fortify Barter Lingering Damage Stamina Damage Magika Nightcaller Temple
Canis Root Damage Stamina Fortify One-Handed Fortify Marksman Paralysis Swampland SE of Folgunthur
Charred Skeever Hide Restore Stamina Cure Disease Resist Poison Restore Health Fort Dunstad
Chaurus Eggs Weakness to Poison Fortify Stamina Damage Magika Invisibility Frostflow Lighthouse
Chicken’s Egg Resist Magic Damage Magika Regen Waterbreathing Lingering Damage Stamina Salvius Farm
Creep Cluster Resist Magika Damage Stamina Regen Fortify Carry Weight Weakness to Magic Bonestrewn Crest
Crimson Nirnroot Damage Health Damage Stamina Invisibility Resist Magic Blackreach
Cyrodilic Spadetail Damage Stamina Fortify Restoration Fear Ravage Health Riften (Plankside)
Daedra Heart Restore Health Damage Stamina Regen Damage Magika Fear Nightcaller Temple
Deathbell Damage Health Ravage Stamina Slow Weakness to Poison Labyrinthian (Shalidor’s Maze)
Dragon’s Tounge Resist Fire Fortify Barter Fortify Illusion Fortify Two-Handed Bonestrewn Crest
Dwarven Oil Weakness to Magic Fortify Illusion Regenerate Magika Restore Magika Mzinchaleft
Ectoplasm Restore Magika Fortify Destruction Fortify Magika Damage Health Rannveig’s Fast
Elves Ear Restore Magika Fortify Marksman Weakness to Frost Resist Fire Riften (Bee and Barb)
Eye of Sabre Cat Restore Stamina Ravage Health Damage Magikca Restore Health Karthspire Camp
Falmer Ear Damage Health Frenzy Resist Poison Fortify Lockpicking Alftand
Fire Salts Weakness to Frost Resist Fire Restore Magika Regenerate Magika Sunderstone Gorge
Fly Amanita Resist Fire Fortify Two-Handed Frenzy Regenerate Stamina Pinemoon Cave
Frost Mirriam Resist Frost Fortify Sneak Ravage Magika Damage Stamina Regen Black-Briar Lodge
Frost Salts Weakness to Fire Resist Frost Restore Magika Fortify Conjuration Riften (Mistveil Keep and Honeyside)
Garlic Resist Poison Fortify Stamina Regenerate Magika Regenerate Health East Empire Warehouse
Giant Lichen Weakness to Shock Ravage Health Weakness to Poison Restore Magika Fort Snowhawk (marshy exterior)
Giant’s Toe Damage Stamina Fortify Health Fortify Carry Weight Damage Stamina Regen Talking Stone Camp
Glow Dust Damage Magika Damage Magika Regen Fortify Destruction Resist Shock Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
Glowing Mushroom Resist Shock Fortify Destruction Fortify Smithing Fortify Health Taolvald’s Cave
Grass Pod Resist Poison Ravage Magika Fortify Alteration Restore Magika Hjaphet’s Folly
Hagraven Claw Resist Magic Lingering Damage Magika Fortify Enchanting Fortify Barter Hag’s End
Hagraven Feathers Damage Magika Fortify Conjuration Frenzy Weakness to Shock Hag’s End
Hanging Moss Damage Magika Fortify Health Damage Magika Regen Fortify One-handed Solitude (Hall of the Dead)
Hawk Beak Restore Stamina Resist Frost Fortify carry Weight Resist Shock Hawks Flying Just outside Solitude near the Docks
Hawk Feathers Cure Disease Fortify Light Armor Fortify One-Handed Fortify Sneak Hawks Flying Just outside Solitude near the Docks
Histcarp Restore Stamina Fortify Magika Damage Stamina Regen Waterbreathing Riften (Plankside)
Honeycomb Restore Stamina Fortify Block Fortify Light Armor Ravage Stamina Honeystrand Cave
Human Flesh Damage Health Paralysis Restore Magika Fortify Sneak Aftand
Human Heart Damage Health Damage Magika Damage Magika Regen Frenzy Last Valley Redoubt
Ice Wraith Teeth Weakness to Frost Fortify Heavy Armor Invisibility Weakness the Fire College of Winterhold
Imp Stool Damage Health Lingering Damage Health Paralysis Restore Health Chillwind Depths
Jarrin Root Damage Health Damage Magika Damage Stamina Damage Magika Regen Dark Brotherhood Quest: To Kill an Empire
Jazbay Grapes Weakness to Magic Fortify Magika Regenerate Magika Revage Health Mistwatch Folley
Juniper Berries Weakness to Fire Fortify Marksman Regenerate Health Damage Stamina Regen Markath (exterior and Cidhna Mines)
Large Antlers Restore Stamina Fortify Stamina Slow Damage Stamina Regen Elk Located in Pine Forest
Lavender Resist Magic Fortify Stamina Ravage Magika Fortify Conjuration Whiterun (Temple of Kynareth, Wind District, Dragonsreach)
Luna Moth Wing Damage Magika Fortify Light Armor Invisibility Regenerate Health Nightcaller Temple
Moon Sugar Weakness to Fire Resist Frost Restore Magika Regenerate Magika Riften (warehouse)
Mara Tapinella Restore Magika Lingering Damage Health Regenerate Stamina Fortify Illusion Frostmere Crypt
Mudcrab Chitin Restore Stamina Cure Disease Resist Poison Resist Fire River banks near Riverwood
Namira’s Rot Damage Magika Fortify Lockpicking Fear Regenerate Health Chillwind Depths
Nightshade Damage Health Damage Magika Regen Lingering Damage Stamina Fortify Destruction Labyrinthian
Nirnroot Damage Health Damage Stamina Invisibility Resist Magic Sarethi Farm
Nordic Barnicle Damage Magika Waterbreathing Regenerate Health Fortify Pickpocket Orphan’s Tear
Orange Dartwind Restore Magika Restore Stamina Fortify Pickpocket Lingering Damage Health Solitude (Hall of the Dead)
Pearl Restore Stamina Fortify Block Restore Magika Resist Shock Geirmund’s Hall
Pine Thrush Egg Restore Stamina Fortify Lockpicking Weakness to Poison Resist Shock Shor’s Stone (Sylgia’s House)
Powdered Mammoth Tusk Restore Stamina Fortify Sneak Weakness to Fire Fear Talking Stone Camp
Purple Mountain Flower Restore Stamina Fortify Sneak Lingering Damage Magika Resist Frost Dragon Bridge
Red Mountain Flower Restore Magika Ravage Magika Fortify Magika Damage Health Whiterun (Temple of Kynareth, Wind District, Dragonsreach)
River Betty Damage Health Fortify Alteration Slow Fortify Carry Weight Riften (Plankside)
Rock Warbler Egg Restore Health Fortify One-Handed Damage Stamina Weakness to Magic Markath (warrens)
Sabre Cat Tooth Restore Stamina Fortify Heavy Armor Fortify Smithing Weakness to Poison Drelas’ Cottage
Salt Pile Weakness to Magic Fortify Restoration Slow Regenerate Magika College of Winterhold (Midden)
Scaly Pholiota Weakness to Magic Fortify Illusion Regenerate Stamina Fortify Carry Weight Wood Cutter’s Camps: Lake Geir
Silverside Perch Restore Stamina Damage Magika Regen Ravage Health Resist Frost Riften (Plankside)
Skeever Tail Damage Stamina Regen Ravage Health Damage Health Fortify Light Armor Fort Dunstad
Slaughterfish Egg Resist Poison Fortify Pickpocket Lingering Damage Health Fortify Stamina Horker Standing Stones
Slaughterfish Scales Resist Frost Lingering Damage Health Fortify Heavy Armor Fortify Block Glenmoril Coven
Small Antlers Weakness to Poison Fortify Restoration Lingering Damage Stamina Damage Health Hunt Deer in Pine Forest Exterior
Small Pearl Restore Stamina Fortify One-Handed Fortify Restoration Resist Frost Geirmund’s Hand
Snowberries Resist Fire Fortify Enchanting Resist Frost Resist Shock Driftshade
Spider Egg Damage Stamina Damage Magika Regen Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Marksman Ironbind Barrow
Spriggan Sap Damage Magika Regen Fortify Enchanting Fortify Smithing Fortify Alteration Moss Mother Cavern
Swamp Fungal Pod Resist Shock Lingering Damage Magika Paralysis Restore Health Movarth’s Lair (Exterior)
Taproot Weakness to Magic Fortify Illusion Regenerate Magika Restore Magika Moss Mother Cavern
Thistle Branch Resist Frost Ravage Stamina Resist Poison Fortify Heavy Armor Solitude (Arch and Blue Palace)
Torchbug Thorax Restore Stamina Lingering Damage Magika Weakness to Magic Fortify Stamina College of Winterhold
Troll Fat Resist Poison Fortify Two-Handed Frenzy Damage Health East Empire Warehouse
Tundra Cotton Resist Magic Fortify Magika Fortify Block Fortify Barter Solitude (Buildings in Avenues District)
Vampire Dust Invisibility Restore Magika Regenerate Health Cure Disease North Shriekwind Bastian
Void Salts Weakness to Shock Resist Magic Damage Health Fortify Magika Solitude (Proudspire Manor Alchemy Lab)
Wheat Restore Health Fortify Health Damage Stamina Regen Lingering Damage Magika Katla’s Farm
White Cap Weakness to Frost Fortify Heavy Armor Restore Magika Ravage Magika Chillwind Depths
Wisp Wrappings Restore Stamina Fortify Destruction Fortify Carry Weight Resist Magic Frostmere Crypt

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